MarketspaceNext Managing Partner Jeffrey F. Rayport and co-author Bernard J. Jaworski, pioneers in thought leadership about digital media, e-Commerce, and online marketing, published a series of leading MBA-level textbooks on strategy in the networked economy.

Introduction to e-Commerce, 2nd Ed

The textbook Introduction to e-Commerce lays out a comprehensive foundation for students to understand both the strategy and infrastructures underlying the field of e-commerce. With chapters on market opportunity, business plans, customer interface, marketing communications and branding, implementation, and metrics, we provide the reader with the ability to formulate a solid strategic plan for leading an online company. We then provide the reader with knowledge of the four infrastructures–technology, media, capital, and public policy-that will influence a company’s strategy. With knowledge of both e-commerce strategy and infrastructures, the student will understand how the online environment works, how it is different than-and similar to-the pre-Internet business environment, and how to leverage the new-economy knowledge that has been gained into a successful company.

A second edition of Introduction to e-Commerce will be published in Spring 2003. Fully revised and updated, it includes new chapters on website architecture and construction.

544 Pages / Pub. Date: 05/01/03 / Learn more about Introduction to e-Commerce, 2nd Edition

Cases in e-Commerce

Our casebook complements our textbook and charts an educational course through the key practical issues in the New Economy business landscape. Case studies – long used in clinical psychology, medical, and business school programs – are designed to facilitate a dialogue, or more appropriately, a healthy debate on the alternative solutions to a particular problem. Today, there are precious few case studies that illustrate “what works” in the New Economy, and in our casebook we have assembled a unique and comprehensive selection that is directly relevant to the New Economy.

656 Pages / Pub. Date: 05/18/01 / Learn more about Cases in e-Commerce


e-Commerce provides a deep exploration of core concepts of new-economy management and strategy, enriched by a wide variety of examples, case studies and explanations culled directly from practice.

Our goal: to provide an entire applications suite of tools for doing business in the new economy, to be used both inside and outside the classroom.


456 Pages / Pub. Date: 11/03/00 / Learn more about eCommerce


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