Who We Are

Who We Are

MarketspaceNext is a Digital Strategy firm. We partner with clients to accelerate growth by integrating deep insights into customer experience, emerging media and technologies, and business strategy.

Deploying rigorous methodologies, an innovative pricing model, and a diverse network of experts, we are a unique firm for dynamic times.

Our boutique practice was founded in 1999 by Jeffrey F. Rayport, who left his faculty position at Harvard Business School to put to work his innovative ideas about digital strategy, customer experience, and e-commerce.

Our leadership team has backgrounds in business strategy, corporate leadership, mainstream and emerging media, software and interface design, and user experience — an unparalleled combination of capabilities to help leaders survive, thrive, and win.

Jeffrey F. Rayport

Jeffrey F. Rayport is Managing Partner of MarketspaceNext. Jeffrey consults and speaks on a variety of topics, including strategic applications of digital, social, and mobile media; strategies to deepen consumer engagement; and competing in a service economy. Jeffrey also co-founded Monitor Executive Development, a custom executive education business. Prior to Marketspace, he was an award-winning professor at Harvard Business School. With co-author Bernard J. Jaworski, he has published a series of leading MBA-level textbooks on strategy in the networked economy and, most recently, a bestselling business book on integrating multi-channel customer experiences, Best Face Forward: Why Companies Must Improve Their Service Interfaces with Customers (HBS School Press).

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Andrew Heyward

Andrew Heyward, the former president of CBS News, is Managing Partner of MarketspaceNext. Andrew specializes in helping clients transition large-scale organizations from traditional modes of content creation and distribution to the new digital age of fragmented markets, real-time media, and empowered customers. A nationally recognized expert on the changing media landscape, Andrew has worked with blue-chip television, newspaper, and magazine publishers to develop new online ventures and profitable digital strategies, as well as a host of companies using media and content creation to market what they sell.

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Jodi Slater

Jodi Slater is Managing Partner of MarketspaceNext. She has deep experience in new media and corporate strategy, as well as customer experience, interaction design, and digital technology. She developed Marketspace’s Customer Experience Diagnostic to help clients evaluate and optimize the way in which they interact with customers, including identifying which interfaces are underperforming relative to customer expectations and business goals. Before joining Marketspace, Jodi ran the Design and User Experience group at Palm, Inc., and was involved with a number of startups (EFI, AnyDay.com, Kayak.com) and established technology companies (Apple, Lotus) serving in both creative and operational roles.

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